Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Enriching lives, everyday

Corporate responsibility is not a new concept at Aramark Uniform Services. Community involvement, volunteerism and disaster response have been part of our company throughout its history.

In recent years, we have taken considerable steps to redefine our community involvement and social responsibility strategy. We've evolved from the more traditional, philanthropic approach to a comprehensive strategy that best maximizes our expertise, investment and impact.

Through our volunteer and philanthropic program Aramark Building Community, we engage with relevant community organizations to learn, share and refine practices that help address the most critical social issues plaguing our communities.

We realize that our business practices are equally important, if not more so, to our efforts. That's why we try to lead by example by continuously improving in the areas of our business that are under our direct control, like the environmental impact of our laundry facilities, the fuel efficiency of our fleets and the quality of our worker's lives.

Our responsibility does not end at our doorstep. We share our knowledge and best practices freely and work with clients and suppliers to develop innovative product and service options that help advance their corporate responsibility objectives.

Because at Aramark, we believe the power to do good is in all our hands.

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