United Airlines and Aramark: Customer Testimonial

United Airlines

Are you in the market for mats? Check out how Aramark mats have helped our customer United Airlines provide a cleaner, safer work environment for some of their employees!

Sean Carroll and Paul Crawford are operations supervisors for United Airlines at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ. Sean works in the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) unit; Paul is in Technical Operations. Aramark began supplying mats to the facility more than 10 years ago when the hangars were owned by Continental Airlines. Aramark continues to service United Airlines, which took over the hangars through its acquisition of Continental in 2010.

Aramark Floor Mats are used throughout the hangars, shops, and offices, primarily in high-traffic areas. Paul estimates that more than 60 mats are used in the hangars where more than 200 mechanics work. Long, 3x10-foot runners are used in hallways and 4x6-foot mats in front of doors and elevators. With durable nylon pile bonded to a slip-resistant rubber backing, the mats help absorb dust, dirt, and moisture. Plush "E" Series mats with a subtle pattern and a skid-resistant rubber backing are used for offices, As Paul explains, "Basically, any interior door has a mat in front."

Aramark Steady Step, Scraper, and Dynamat mats support significant traffic in Ground Support Equipment, where upwards of 90 people walk in and out during the course of a day. Rubber mats are used for wet conditions, such as the walkway that is blocked by protective barriers. Employees scrape their shoes on skid-resistant mats featuring dirt- and soil-trapping cleats to remove debris. Carpeted mats on polished floors near the lead's office, interior hallways, and in and in front of the break room keep the spaces clean and professional looking.

Safety is a top priority for United Airlines ground operations. In Sean's view, "Aramark mats send a message that United Airlines cares about the environment that people work in." He continues, "The ultimate goal is for employees to go home with all of their fingers and toes intact. It only takes a millisecond for a career-ending or life-ending injury to occur." According to Sean, no slip or fall accidents have occurred during his tenure while the Aramark mats have been in place.

Aramark mats provide peace of mind. Within the hangars, there are a variety of flooring surfaces, including cement and industrial tile. All become very slippery when wet. Sean observed, "With the Aramark mats, we don't need to have 'Caution: Wet Floor Signs' all over. This was especially important with all of the snow that we had this winter." Paul reports, "Employees feel safe and secure in their footing when they come in from the hangar and wipe their shoes off on the Aramark mats. They know they don't have to worry about slipping."

In addition, Aramark mats convey a professional image. Floors are polished 1-2 times per month and the mats help maintain cleanliness. The dark color hides dirt and debris brought in by foot traffic, hand trucks, and fork lifts. The built-in suction cups ensure the Aramark mats grip the floors well. Sean was impressed that "If sections are disturbed, the rigidity of the rubber ensures the mat flattens on its own."

Aramark Route Service Representatives receive high marks from Sean and Paul. Route Service Representatives must be escorted through security in both locations for their weekly stops. Sean and Paul appreciate that their Route Service Representatives work quickly, efficiently, and recognize long-time United Airlines employees by name. The Route Service Representatives are also regarded as highly accommodating. According to Sean, "There was a lot of snow this year so we needed a couple of extra mats. We asked our Route Service Representative and he said, 'No problem.'" They were there the next day!

United Airlines and Aramark have established a solid partnership, with a shared commitment to safety and professionalism. Aramark is also expected to support United's future growth. As Paul observed, "A brand new hangar will be opening in June that can accommodate five aircraft at one time, and we will likely need more Aramark Floor Mats for that facility as well. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the service, product and support that Aramark provides to United Airlines!"