Does Your Business Need an Image Intervention?

Image Intervention

Are you giving your best impression in the workplace? According to a study by J.D. Power and Associates, 60% of consumers said they have more confidence in, and preferred to buy from employees who wore a uniform. Even more, 88% agreed that uniforms made it easier to identify employees. *

Does your business need an image intervention? We've outlined 4 easy steps to get you on the right track to a more professional, coordinated look for your entire team.


Deciding to take the first step is important. Your employees are an important part of your business and the face of your company. Helping them look their best can help your bottom line.

Most consumers view employees in uniform as more credible and professional. Outfitting your employees can directly impact business performance.


Let us help you create a new image. We can outfit your team in new uniforms with minimal upfront costs. Uniforms will be professionally laundered with stain-fighting detergent, delivered weekly by our Customer Service Certified Route Sales Representative. Lose a button or experience an ordinary rip or tear? Just tag it and we'll repair it. It's that simple. We make it easy to help keep your team looking great.


Take pride in your new identity. We have hundreds of options from athletic-style polos and Dickies® branded work wear to our new Aramark Pink Zipper Collection™ designed for women, you can find what you need for your business. Flame-resistant and enhanced-visibility uniforms can help make work a safer place while maintaining a unified image. Personalize your uniforms with your company logo and employee first names to own your new look.


Build your business with everything you say and do. And how you look. Uniforms give employees a new outlook, and your business a new look. We have options that your team will want to wear. Complete your business image transformation with rental floor mats and towels to help keep your facility clean and inviting. Did you ever think image could be so important? We do! After all, it's our business to make your business look its best.

Still not sure if a uniform program is right for you? Take our quick survey below. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from an image makeover!

  • Could employee appearance be affecting your company's reputation?
  • Do your employees' shirts and pants project a positive and consistent image?
  • Is it easy for your customers to identify your employees when they come into your business?
  • Do employees invest too little into the way they look?
  • Could employee clothing be sending the wrong message to your customers?
  • Do your customers notice what your employees are wearing for the wrong reasons?
  • Does the appearance of your employees reflect the quality of your business?
  • Do you wish you could tell your employees what to wear every day?
  • Have you thought about implementing a dress code?

*Customer Perceptions of Uniforms in the Workplace: UTSA-sponsored study conducted in 2000 by J.D. Power and Associates