Rent, Lease or Purchase

Set your business apart from the competition with a customized uniform and workplace supplies program that will help you retain customers, earn new business, and generate more revenue


Our fully-managed rental programs deliver clean, professional uniforms and workplace supplies (restroom supplies, mats, mops, towels and more) to your business every week. We inspect garments and repair or replace damaged items so your employees always look their best.

Our uniform rental services have minimal to no up-front costs. We outfit your staff based on a thorough review of your needs and give you a wide selection of products to choose from. Once you choose your products, the weekly delivery program will begin. We start by issuing each employee 11 uniforms. On delivery days, we drop-off 5 clean uniforms, pick up the 5 worn uniforms, while the employee wears 1 at the time of delivery.

Our Route Sales Representatives schedule weekly delivery of professionally-laundered apparel and workplace supplies. As your staff size increase or decrease, we provide garment size changes, inventory updates and replace name tags. Your dedicated account team will ensure fast turnaround times and responsive service so your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Leasing uniforms and supplies allow you to outfit your employees with no capital investment and minimal up-front costs. Our team takes care of the initial outfitting of your entire staff and handles all future replacements or repairs. Plus, leasing gives you the freedom to reduce costs by having employees launder their own work uniforms or by cleaning the garments and workplace supplies onsite.


If you prefer to own your work apparel and have the freedom to clean your own garments, Aramark offers a wide variety of uniform options at great prices. We have a diverse range of professional work shirts, pants, outerwear, and more, for all types of jobs. With the purchase option, you can create a distinctive brand identity for your company with extensive customization options; including embroidering and screen printing.

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