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Professionally laundered and stocked weekly to help your business thrive


Our towels deliver the cleaning performance you expect so you can provide the experience your customers and employees deserve

How Our Program Works

  • Choose from a variety of towels to meet your business needs
  • We help determine the inventory you need based on your usage
  • Freshly laundered towels are delivered on time every week
  • We pick up your dirty towels and launder them with our special wash formula designed to remove tough stains
  • Inventory levels are continuously monitored to help make sure you have what you need

Program Benefits

  • Comprehensive product line for most cleaning tasks
  • Inventory maintenance to replenish lost product so you are not left shorthanded
  • Specialized laundry wash formulas and processes to help provide a professional level of clean

Did You Know?

Our customers prefer using our towels for cleaning and wiping surfaces, and most agree that our towel program increases employee productivity

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