Uniforms & Workplace Supply Services

Professionally laundered and stocked weekly to help your business thrive


Stop the spread of dirt, bacteria and debris throughout your facility with mops that are professionally laundered and delivered on time

How Our Program Works

  • Determine how many mops you will need to help maintain a sparkling facility
  • For your convenience, we provide the mop heads as well as handles and frames
  • Mops cleaned with our special disinfecting formulas are delivered every week
  • Dirty mops are picked up and professionally washed at our facility

Program Benefits

  • Mop handles and frames are included with your service
  • Mop heads are shrink- and mildew-resistant for longer life
  • Regular cleaning revives absorbency
  • Superior absorption in wet mops reduces labor time
  • Twisted yarn design reduces fraying of dust mops

Did You Know?

98% of employees surveyed prefer to work at a place with safe and clean floors

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