Uniforms & Workplace Supply Services

Professionally laundered and stocked weekly to help your business thrive

Floor Mats

Keep your facility clean and boost your professional image with floor mats that trap dirt, dust and moisture

How Our Program Works

  • Clean mats are dropped off weekly to keep your facility looking its best
  • Dirty mats are picked up and refreshed at our facility
  • Choose from our selection of carpeted mats to help keep floors clean and present a crisp brand identity
  • Consider rubber-scraper or flow-through mats for other high-traffic areas throughout your business

Program Benefits

  • Maintain cleaner customer areas
  • Protect floors with a two-mat solution that traps dirt and grime
  • Reinforce your brand identity by showcasing your company logo
  • Provide comfort for your employees where they frequently stand

Did You Know?

Half of injured employees are off the job 12 or more days after a slip, trip or fall

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Aramark Scraper Mat

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Aramark DynaMat!™

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