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Active Floor Care

Powered by D2™ Convertible Flooring™, Active Floor Care™ is innovating safety, sanitation and aesthetics

How Our Program Works

  • We visit your facility to review the placements you identify and schedule an install day
  • Weekly, a Route Sales Representative (RSR) removes the soiled Tops and replaces them with fresh ones
  • We wash the Tops in a stain-fighting detergent to help remove soils and contaminants
  • Tops are organized and loaded for delivery
  • RSRs arrive ready to refresh your floors with clean Tops

Program Benefits

  • D2 creates a remarkably stable surface for improved safety, even with wheel traffic.
  • Absorbent textile Tops help keep your floors clean and dry.
  • Large, modular configurations can give your business maximum coverage.
  • Improved style and appearance helps you make a positive impression on your customers.
  • We handle the work so you can focus on running your business.

Did You Know?

96% of consumers surveyed prefer businesses with safe, clean, and attractive floors.

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Active Floor Care™ with D2™ Convertible Flooring™

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