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Dedicated to Effective Solutions and Service Excellence

We help manufacturing companies reinvent their image with uniform rental and laundry services that can help promote teamwork, increase productivity and enhance safety. Our commitment to providing helpful solutions to each customer and service excellence makes us an industry-leading supplier of industrial work uniforms.

Improving workplace safety

In our never-ending quest to enrich lives, we're always seeking new ways to make industrial workplaces safer and more productive. Some of our most effective products that can help include:

  • Floor Mats - Help reduce slips while creating a cleaner work environment with rental floor mats
  • Flame-Resistant Apparel - Help protect employees while maintaining a unified look
  • High-Visibility Uniforms - help ensure employees can be seen and keep a consistent team image
  • Towels - Maintain a consistent supply of fresh towels that can make cleaning tasks easier and keep your facility cleaner
  • The Image you Want

    Our uniform rental programs can create a standard unified image across your company, from the manufacturing line to the front office. By creating a sense of belonging and team spirit, a professional work uniform program can help build a positive work environment and retain employees.

    The Quality you Expect

    Our manufacturing uniforms are made to stand up to the demands of the toughest jobs. Combine our long-wearing industrial apparel with our laundry service's stain-fighting wash formulas and you will keep your team looking its best. Aramark uniform options include:

    • Work shirts
    • Polo shirts
    • Work pants
    • Cargo pants
    • Dickies® branded work wear

    And much more