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Comprehensive approach to laundering and environmental hygiene

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Learn more about our Microfiber Cleaning System

Enhance Infection Prevention Efforts with Our Comprehensive Microfiber Program

Our integrated line of microfiber dusters, towels and mops helps eliminate cross-contamination risk from ceiling to floor and decreases the microbial load on hard surfaces. Laundered with an EPA registered sanitizer, our wash formulation for microfiber is designed with all the factors required for optimal soil and microorganism removal.

Our controlled net-bag inventory management system separates your facility's product from other providers. To give EVS staff the tools they need to properly clean your facility, items are monitored for quality and integrity, and upgraded or replaced as needed.

EPA-recognized as an environmental best practice, microfiber also meets The Joint Commission s Environment of Care Standards 1.3, 2.3 and 4.0. Other benefits of our microfiber include how it can help:

  • Improve EVS staff productivity and safety
  • Reduce the risk of worker fatigue and injury
  • Minimize exposure to disinfectants
  • Support green cleaning initiatives

Protecting the Fibers that Protect Your Patients

We employ a 4-step process called MicroVantage™ to help preserve the effectiveness of our microfiber products while providing actionable results to improve environmental hygiene. Laundering our microfiber products with a sanitizer that protects fibers while eliminating 99.9%1 of pathogens is just the first step.

    Separate - Microfiber is washed separately from other textiles to protect the effectiveness of the fibers.

    Sanitize - Helps maintain the functional integrity of microfiber and reduces certain pathogens by 99.9%.

    Substitute - Microfiber products are routinely inspected at our processing facility, to identify any missing or damaged items, which are replaced with new product.

    Service - Our Route Sales Representatives (RSRs) routinely replenish and monitor inventory. RSRs are trained in the handling and transportation of BBP-bearing textiles.

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