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Helping you reduce infection risk with our sanitizing wash process – Advancing Clean Through Science™

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An Innovative Leader in Infection Prevention

Reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections. From scrubs, lab coats and patient gowns to bed linens, microfiber cleaning products and beyond, Aramark helps you safeguard the health, comfort and well-being of everyone at your facility.

Our healthcare laundry service combines laundering best practices with the latest scientific advancements.

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Help Safeguard Health, Comfort, and Well-being at Your Facility

Clean with confidence and prevent infection with Aramark’s comprehensive microfiber program. Microfiber dusters, towels and mops help eliminate cross-contamination risk from floor to ceiling and decrease the microbial load on hard surfaces.

Rely on Aramark’s proprietary laundering method to preserve the effectiveness of your cleaning fibers. We employ a 4-step process called MicroVantage™ that includes sanitation, separation, substitution, and service. This process adheres to OSHA’s BBP (bloodborne pathogen) requirements and meets EPA standards for sanitized laundry by effectively reducing 99.9% of disease-causing pathogens1.

1Sanitized products are only provided to customers of Aramark who require and request their products be processed as containing bloodborne pathogens.


Learn About Our Science-Based Sanitizing Wash Process for Healthcare

MicroVantage™, Our 4-Step Microfiber Laundering Process, Helps You Improve Environmental Hygiene

Infection Prevention Leadership

Aramark is proud to support Infection Preventionists worldwide as a 2023 APIC Strategic Partner.

Aramark Scrub Program Checklist

Learn what to look for in an effective scrub program.

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