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Uniforms and Workplace Supplies To Help You Come Back Safer, Cleaner and Healthier

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Your Convenient Workplace Solutions and Restaurant Uniform Supplier

Let us be your secret ingredient to providing an enjoyable customer experience and a pleasant employee workplace. As a leading workplace solutions and restaurant uniform supplier, we deliver professionally laundered chef wear uniforms for restaurants and fully managed supply programs to thousands of food service establishments every week.

Whether your business focuses on indoor dining, outdoor dining, takeout, delivery, curbside or ghost kitchens, we offer flexible solutions that can scale with your needs. As dining restrictions start to ease, be prepared with a rental program that aims to keep your facility, team and customers safer, cleaner and healthier. Our comprehensive product assortment includes:

  • Food Service Uniforms - Chef coats, chef pants, cook shirts and aprons
  • Towels - Bar, glass, dish, microfiber and grill pads
  • Restroom Supplies - Touch-free sanitizer, soap and paper towel dispensers, air care
  • Floor Care - Carpeted logo mats, flow-through mats, anti-fatigue mats, social awareness mats, Active Floor Care™ with D2™ Convertible Flooring™, as well as mops and floor cleaner
  • First Aid - First aid kits (with or without over-the-counter medications) that meet OSHA requirements and ANSI recommendations

Delivering Peace of Mind

We professionally launder food service uniforms using specialized wash formulas specifically designed for grease, spills and stains of commercial kitchens and restaurants. We optimize four main wash components - proper time, temperature, mechanical action and chemical action. For table linens and napkins, we use a cleaning process that exceeds industry standards. Once linens are laundered, we rinse, drain and wash again with a laundry disinfectant, exceeding hygienically clean levels.

Our convenient rental service includes weekly on-time deliveries to help make sure you have what you need when you need it. We know that providing a regular supply of clean uniforms, towels, mops and supplies means one less thing for you to worry about. From the front of the house to the back of the house and everywhere in between, we're prepared to be your workplace solutions and restaurant uniform supplier and help move your business forward.