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Aramark offers the highest quality cleanroom garment services available

Process quality is the number one concern for cleanroom facility managers. That's why 100% of Aramark's Cleanroom processing plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified, so we can provide quality clean room garments.

Wash Process

Our critical wash process is designed to maintain garment integrity while producing a Class A garment. We help ensure wash process quality by utilizing:

  • Validated laundry wash process
  • Microprocessor controlled washers and dryers
  • DI water in every wash formula
  • Specially formulated cleanroom wash chemicals
  • HEPA/ULPA filtered dryers
  • QA monitoring of wash process

Validated Sterile Garments

Aramark Cleanroom Services is committed to clean, and we can prove it! Theres a reason why many top companies trust Aramark to provide reliable cleanroom services. We understand the importance of maintaining controlled, sterile work environments for producing products that are free of contamination. With strict documented and proven systems, Aramark is an industry leader in providing validated sterile garment programs to help ensure the highest level of cleanliness.

With every sterile garment delivery, you will receive a Validation Compliance document that confirms the Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) that was achieved for your garment(s). We can also supply you with a particulate Certification to certify that your garments meet/exceed typical industry standard particulation targets.

Garment Handling

We understand how important it is for cleanroom apparel to be properly handled and maintained so we have implemented industry best practices as part of our everyday operating procedures.

  • Garments are processed in a minimum ISO Class 5 cleanroom
  • Barcode scanning of each and every garment
  • Garments are inspected in accordance with IEST standards
  • Garments are packaged in certified cleanroom bags
  • Operator Training Program
  • Sterility Program in accordance with ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137 guidelines
  • Puncture resistant shipping containers
  • Lot traceability
  • Dedicated cleanroom route service to more than 90% of our customers

Environmental Monitoring Program

Central to our Quality Assurance program is our ongoing environmental monitoring process. Our program includes the monitoring of our controlled environments. Some of the standard tests that we perform include:

  • Nonviable Cleanroom Air Particulate Monitoring

    Non-viable particulate monitoring is performed weekly in the our Cleanroom processing facilities and once per month in our ancillary Cleanrooms except where a continuous system is in place. The acceptance limits we use are based on the limits set as part of our annual room certification performed by an outside testing firm.

  • Surface Microbial Monitoring

    Microbial monitoring data is used to evaluate the effectiveness of our cleaning and disinfecting procedures in our cleanroom environment. The control of microbial contamination on work surfaces and personnel is an integral part of properly processing cleanroom garments.

  • Viable Air Monitoring

    We perform routine environmental monitoring of the microbiological quality of our cleanroom air which helps substantiate the adequacy of our cleaning and sanitizing procedures, as well as detecting contamination caused by personnel. Air sampling is done during routine cleanroom operation.

  • Weekly Water Monitoring

    This procedure is used to help ensure that all elements of the water system are performing at the levels required to consistently produce ASTM F51-00 (R07) Class A garments and accessories with acceptable chemical and biological residuals. Testing is performed weekly by a Quality Assurance Technician. Particulate counts, pressure differentials, total dissolved solids, total chlorine, hardness, resistively, pH, water temperature and bio burden are monitored.

Quality Assurance Testing

We have routine QA testing in place to confirm that we are providing garments that meet the appropriate industry standards. Certificates and test results are available to all customers.

Disaster Recovery

We have a solid contingency plan in place in case of an "Act of God" or equipment failure. Since each Cleanroom plant is under the same ISO certificate and therefore the same quality system, you can be confident that your uniforms will be of the same quality as those produced by the primary facility.

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