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Aramark is dedicated to providing unrivalled service to each and every customer.

Your Dedicated Team

When you choose Aramark, you get a complete team dedicated to making your cleanroom facility uniform program successful and hassle-free. From sales to delivery, you can trust that we are always at your service.

Specialized Services

With more than 30 years of experience, our rental products and services can help meet even the most stringent cleanroom requirements. In addition, our services include:

  • Comprehensive, daily reporting
  • Continuous improvement program
  • Customized onsite education program

Do You Know Where Your Garments Are?

Aramarks Garment Tracking System, CleanTrak®, is a state-of-the-art online inventory control system that allows you to monitor every garment in your program  24-hours a day  from anywhere in the world. CleanTrak® helps you to track and manage costs, at your convenience. With CleanTrak® you will be able to see activity on garments that are assigned to your inventory, weekly apparel usage by line item, individual barcode history and review receipt details.


Allows every garment to be traced from pick up to delivery. Aramarks barcode system allows for:

  • Positive ID of the garment
  • Cradle to grave traceability
  • Inventory management
  • Individualized customer specific requirements
  • Helps ensure accurate deliveries


Aramark Cleanroom Services offers a variety of reporting options to help ensure your program is running as efficiently as possible:

  • Usage Analysis Report provides detailed analysis of your garment usage by style and size for any date range. Our service managers can show you the 13-week usage analysis and work with you to determine the correct cleanroom garment inventory levels needed to run your operation efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Un-Returned Garment Reports show you the barcode and the last time a uniform left Aramark Cleanroom Services as a clean garment and delivered to your site. This can help you isolate lost or missing apparel.

How We Can Help You

With Aramark Cleanroom Services, you have options for meeting your needs in the way most convenient for you.

  • 24-hour customer support (Ph. 630-929-6170)
  • CleanTrak Online Program Management

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