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Choosing the right cleanroom services for your facility is a critical decision. We take great pride in being forward thinking and our bold innovations that make a positive impact on the everyday lives of our customers. Never satisfied, we go to work for you daily to maintain and create industry firsts in cleanroom services.

Some of our innovative products, equipment, and services include:

Aramark Acuity Goggle®

Available exclusively from Aramark Cleanroom Services, the Aramark Acuity Goggle® is the worlds first reusable goggle that is validated sterile and does not yellow, or produce an offensive odor, when irradiated. The Aramark Acuity Goggle® retains its visual transmittance through its lifespan and is comfortable for extended wear.

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MicronSwep™ is the state-of-the-art cleaning system that is designed specifically to meet or exceed all relevant ISO and GMP cleaning standards for controlled environments. At the heart of the MicronSwep™ cleaning system is an exclusive continuous filament microfiber polyester mop, which is (validated) sterile and is reusable. In fact, an independent laboratory has tested the efficacy of MicronSwep™ and concluded that this continuous filament microfiber polyester mopping system removes approximately 99.999% of the microbial contamination on a treated surface1.

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Flame Resistant and Arc Rated Garments

Helping keep workers safe in your cleanroom and complying with NFPA 70E standards are top priorities. Aramark manufactures and sources a wide selection of flame resistant uniforms so you can choose how to help protect your wearers.

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CleanTrak® Garment Tracking System

The industry's first validated, real-time web-based garment management system. With CleanTrak® you will know where your garments are, 24-hours a day from anywhere in the world.

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Reusable Sterile Cleanroom Wipe

We are pleased to introduce the industrys first sterile cleanroom wipe that is reusable for up to ten uses. This state-of-the-art wipe is gamma irradiated for sterility and is constructed of very fine microfibers (0.15 dtex) for superior cleaning and contamination removal. Also available non-sterile.

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Reusable Sterile Isolator Gloves

We are pleased to introduce the worlds first Validated Sterile Reusable RABS Isolator Glove Program. Aramark can clean, process, package and sterilize nearly any Isolator Glove purchased through Aramark Cleanroom Services. This program may dramatically reduce your investment in single-use RABS Isolator Gloves. Aramark will deliver each batch of gloves with a Validation Compliance Letter and Certificate of Processing.

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