Customer Success: Wahoo's Fish Tacos

Aramark Uniform Services -- Elevating the Customer Experience at Wahoo's Fish Taco

Tell us about your business.

In 1988, my brothers Ed, Mingo and I traded our surfboards for aprons in the first restaurant that shared our name, Wahoo's Fish Tacos. Since then we've grown our success to over 50 locations, delivering an eclectic mix of Mexican/Brazilian/Asian cuisine to hungry patrons. With business booming, we needed a uniform company prepared to grow with us at multiple Wahoo's locations nationwide, without sacrificing quality of service.

How does Aramark help you?

Having tried other vendors, we quickly realized that only Aramark was adequately equipped to keep up with our growing demand, providing fresh mats, clean uniforms and absorbent towels to various locations. Before we met Aramark there were a lot of Mom & Pops that were around. They couldn't service all the different locations, in multiple states, and in multiple areas. So we needed somebody that was more of a national or international brand that could really service, and be consistent on their delivery.

Why would you recommend Aramark?

You can't greet a customer in a dirty uniform. Aramark helps us improve our image while keeping employees safer with a mat program. As we expand across the country, it's imperative and really important for us to have a vendor that can really deliver the quality and the product and the service across all the states. Aramark was able to implement a program to meet our business objectives, so we can focus on expanding the Wahoo's brand.