Customer Success: Toyota of Huntington Beach

Aramark Uniform Services -- Providing Service Excellence to Toyota Huntington Beach

Tell us about your business.

My name is Bob Miller, I am the Vice President and General Manager, and Managing Partner of Toyota of Huntington Beach. The people that I work with are almost like family. I have a lot of employees that have been here up to 40 years. We really have great teamwork, all departments get along together to work cohesively. Aramark is definitely part of our team!

How Does Aramark help you?

Our Route Sales Representative comes in every Tuesday without fail. He knows us, we know him. He handles all of our towels, mats, jackets and uniforms. He is on top of all of that! Occasionally we have a need that wasn't anticipated, and we simply call the Aramark Customer Care Center, and it's handled immediately.

We use several different towels from Aramark. The red towels are used in the shop by the technicians for the greasy, hard, really messy stuff. We also use the blue and white towels in the detail department. The white towels for general cleaning and the blue towels for the dust free finish.

Several years ago I approached our Route Sales Representative and asked him about custom mats. All I had to do was supply him with artwork, and they came back with beautiful mats that show off the fact that we are a President's Award winner, something that gives our customers confidence when they arrive. We also have many mats that just say Toyota of Huntington Beach, which projects a great image throughout the dealership and also provides for safety, keeps people from slipping on the tile.

Why would you recommend Aramark?

I think having everyone in uniform really contributes to a sense of teamwork. It makes a huge difference in the image that we project to our customers. One of the greatest things about Aramark, is it's a hassle-free service. Mats, towels, jackets and uniforms are always clean and delivered on time. It's one less thing I have to worry about! Aramark makes my life so much easier.