Customer Success: New Wave Automotive

Tell us about your business.

I'm John Isztok, owner of New Wave Automotive in Ringwood, NJ. A visit from an Aramark representative convinced me that Aramark uniforms would give my new automotive repair business a more polished, professional image and help me save time and money.

How does Aramark help you?

Aramark's Uniform Rental program is extremely convenient. I don't have the burden of caring for my own clothes. I like to portray a professional image to my customers. With Aramark, we can wear clean, freshly laundered garments daily. It helps me stand apart from my competition and helps my business.

I selected the Color Block Shirt in Black/Charcoal and Multi-Use Pocket Pant. I like the two-tone style of the Color Block Shirt, it's got extra contrast and a sharper appearance. The fabric breathes and the shirt moves with me. With long- and short-sleeve models available, I am able to maintain a consistent appearance year-round. Customers noticed the new uniforms right away; my customers even treated me more professionally. In my Aramark uniform, people take me more seriously. I'm not just a backyard mechanic.

Why would you recommend Aramark?

I value the personalized service that Aramark provides. My Route Sales Representative is professional, helpful, and friendly. He shows up at the same day and time every week to deliver clean, freshly laundered pants and shirts and takes away the soiled ones. The Route Sales Representative also replenishes my supply of Aramark Shop Towels and Aramark Continuous Roll Towels. I selected the Aramark towel line because they look professional, are eco-friendly, and can be delivered at the same time with my uniforms. It's clear to me that Aramark takes care of its customers. I would definitely recommend Aramark Uniform Services. Other services try to get me to switch but I always decline. I'm extremely happy with Aramark!