Customer Success: Casa Imports

Casa Imports

Tell us about your business.

My name is Bob Carpenter, Director of Transportation for Casa Imports, a family-owned distributor of imported Italian foods established in 1975. Casa Imports distributes refrigerated, frozen, and shelf-stable food and ingredients under the Cora, Casa, and Bellissimo brand names. They also carry plastic and aluminum wraps, containers, gloves, cleaning suppliers, and other non-food items, mainly for food service. Customers include restaurants, pizzerias, specialty retailers, and supermarkets (e.g., Price Chopper) in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. We began using Aramark Uniform rentals in November 2012.

How does Aramark help you?

I sought out Aramark because I wanted to replace the small uniform supplier that we had been using with a company who had significant presence in the region.

I feel that uniforms are important for projecting a professional image to customers and ensuring that employees have comfortable, long-wearing clothing. Uniforms for Casa Imports' 25 drivers are particularly important because our drivers are seen first, last and most often by our customers. Most food service companies wear uniforms, so the more casual Aramark Performance Polos help distinguish Casa Imports from the competition. I selected Aramark Performance Polos for the Weartec fabric. As a golfer, I am familiar with the benefits of 100% polyester shirts compared with traditional cotton polos. I value the Performance Polo because it doesn't shrink, doesn't stretch, and most importantly holds its shape. Casa Imports drivers say the shirts look nice and are more comfortable to wear. They are particularly pleased with the way the Performance Polos perform in hot weather. The shirts are cool, highly absorbent, and dry quickly.

Why would you recommend Aramark?

I am impressed with our Aramark Route Sales Representative. He meets with me every week to review invoices, discuss the status of any problems, and identify the items that will be arriving the following week. Casa Imports also uses Aramark walk-off mats to prevent slipping on the company's office floors as well as dust mops. I appreciate that our Aramark Route Sales Representative has flexibility at his discretion and can make decisions autonomously. The transition to Aramark Uniform Rental has been very positive for Casa Imports. As evidence, within one month after making the switch, I was already recommending Aramark to a colleague.