Customer Success: Belgioioso Cheese

Tell us about your business.

It was 1979 when Errico Auricchio moved to America and founded Belgioioso Cheese Company USA, makers of a full line of Italian style cheeses including Mozzarella, Parmesan, Asiago, Gorgonzola, Ricotta, Provalone and Romano, amongst others. Our need for clean apparel, mats and towels for our associates is tantamount to our business, from sanitation, garment & employee protection, and employee morale needs.

Aramark provides us with clean, crisp uniforms for all of our production workers along with all of our shop towels and walk-off mats for safety. With the uncertain weather we have here in upstate New York for almost six months at a time, we know we can count on Aramark to be here on schedule with the product we need without excuses. Aramark delivers!

How does Aramark help you?

Versus our previous garment supplier, we know that Aramark goes the extra distance to make sure we are totally happy and satisfied. If there is ever any type of problem (which happens very seldom,) we can easily speak with our route sales representative or our district manager and the issues are resolved seamlessly and quickly. Our RSR quickly helps to outfit new employees and provides us with extra mats especially during poor weather. Aramark always makes things "right." They are "on time" and "on the money" for us!

Why would you recommend Aramark?

When Capiello Dairy was acquired by Belgioiso Cheese in 2011, we were given a mandate to switch to Aramark Uniform Services from our previous supplier to be compliant with company policy. We were a customer of our previous supplier for many years, and quite frankly, were very happy. Since that service changeover, we have been extremely satisfied with the entire Aramark Uniform Services family, their product, and most importantly, their consistent service! It was a great move.