Aramark RSR laying D2 Convertible Flooring

Aramark Active Floor Care™

Innovating floor safety, sanitation and aesthetics

When you need staying power, convert your passive floors into an active system with our new two-piece flooring solution. Features D2™ Convertible Flooring™

Patent-pending Adaptex™ Active Surface Technology keeps the lightweight, dirt-trapping textile Top and magnetic Base together. Base gently affixes to the floor.

Create configurations that give your business maximum coverage for areas such as large entrances or busy walkways.

We measure, install the Bases and maintain. We wash the textile Tops for a fresh look each week, improving sanitation in areas that matter most.

You work hard to make sure your business looks right. Your company deserves flooring that meets that commitment. At Aramark, we strive to deliver the latest innovations to help keep your customers safe and your reputation in place.

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Every location is unique and customers' needs will differ. While we can provide detailed descriptions of the characteristics of our convertible flooring and where it is commonly placed, we do not recommend convertible flooring for particular purposes, nor do we recommend specific location placements. Our customers know their businesses and the people visiting their locations the best and are in a better position to select convertible flooring and its specific location placements. Convertible flooring works best on clean, dry, indoor hard floors. The Base should remain on the floor. If the adhesive side of the base gets wet, allow to dry before placing on floor. Tops must not be used without a Base and, except as needed when cleaning floors, Bases should always be covered with a Top. Bases must be clean and dry before applying Tops and each Top must always lay flat on a Base.

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Active Floor Care™ with D2™ Convertible Flooring™