MicronSwep® Cleaning System

World's first validated sterile reusable mop and cleaning system designed specifically to address the rigorous cleaning requirements of Cleanrooms. MicronSwep® helps capture microbes and particles firmly within the mop head and removes them from the surface, the disinfectant does the rest. MicronSwep® combines our unique mop saturation methods with purpose built hardware and our exclusive continuous flament mop head.

    Quality & EM Performance

  • Cleanroom processed and gamma irradiated for sterility
  • Mechanically removes microbial contaminants in the presence of disinfectant with effectiveness of almost 99.999% when compared to initial contamination levels*
  • Helps prevent cross contamination during cleaning
    • Savings & Sustainability

  • Reduced cost through the elimination of costly disposable mops
  • Reduced chemical disinfectant use (can reduce costs up to 70%)
  • Reduced labor cost through more efficient mop design (and increased mop size)
  • Reduced consumption of costly WFI or sterile water (in many cases, by more than 70%)
  • Reduced cost for waste water treatment due to dramatically lower waste
    • Efficiency & Ergonomics

  • Low friction, fast, lightweight system helps reduce energy expended by cleaning crew
  • Mops are picked up, cleaned, and delivered back to your facilities by Aramark
  • Sterility and Processing Certifications are provided with each delivery
  • Eliminates traditional dipping and wringing of mop system
  • *The testing performed by PDA laboratories was sponsored and paid for by Aramark Cleanroom Services