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Supplying cleanrooms with validated garments and cleaning supplies

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Aramark Cleanroom Services Introduces MicronSwep™

Supplying cleanrooms with validated garments and cleaning supplies

Aramark Cleanroom Services is a leader in supplying reusable cleanroom garments, cleaning systems and related products. We understand the strict quality standards that our customers live by and we have created a full range of products and services to help address the unique needs of controlled environments. We are dedicated to making the gowning process easier and making garments that fit well, so employees can be more comfortable on the job.

Aramark Cleanroom Service serves more than 80% of the top pharmaceutical and biotech companies1 and many leading companies in the aerospace and micro-electronic industries in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada.

Because we stay on top changes in your industry and our own, we can constantly innovative and provide solutions that help satisfy your quality assurance and business requirements over the long haul. Even though we are constantly adapting, we stay true to the everyday procedures like rigorous delivery schedules and strict quality testing protocols that have made us an industry leader.

Aramark Cleanroom Services is committed to continuous innovation and completely dedicated to service excellence. Customers can rely on Aramark's industry leading breakthroughs, quality products and customer service that is committed to getting it right.


At Aramark, our quest for innovation is only surpassed by our passion for quality service. We take pride in investing time, money and resources on products and procedures that help our customers lead safer and more productive lives.


100% of our Cleanroom processing facilities are ISO9001-2008 certified. Your cleanroom apparel will be cleaned at one of Aramark's seven ISO Class 5 (Class 100) cleanrooms, utilizing proprietary wash formulas and processes to produce validated sterile garments as well as non-sterile apparel. Your cleanroom garments will meet or exceed Class A standards as defined in ASTM F51-00(07).


We will provide you with an account management team that mirrors your operational requirements. We will help manage your cleanroom uniform program so you can focus on doing what you do best by providing you accurate and reliable deliveries, consistent hassle-free service and consistent reporting.


We offer a state-of-the-art garment tracking system and our own online reporting system, CleanTrak. This validated system will help you manage and track your inventory 24-hours a day, from anywhere in the world.


Our service excellence program and state-of-the-art inventory control technology helps increase your efficiency and helps keep costs down. Our focus on service excellence is apparent from our high customer retention rates.